• Dancer: Nikki Mclusky
Photography: Graham Deeprose
  • Dancers are athletes too. Watford Live, Herts.
  • Carl Campbell in rehearsal at the Victoria Hall Theatre, Stoke-On-Trent. ‘The dancer danced and having danced move on’ Dedicated to Gregory Hines. Choreographer: Carl Campbell. Photographer: Clive Jones.
  • Brendan Ward.
  • Research for ‘Ordinary Courage’ by Theo Clinkard (2011)
Adam Blanch, Francis Christeller, Maho Ihara, Helka Kaski, Charlie Morrissey,  Margarita Zafrilla
  • by Venetia
  • Movement Studies in Bucharest
  • Still from Background (2010), a film by artist Magali Reus. Choreography Joe Moran. 

  • In rehearsal with New Work Collective.  www.newworkcollective.com.au
  • This image captures how it feels to be at a music festival. The observers are as interesting as the Horseman.
  • The shadow of the tree fills the foreground and leads our eye to the small figure in the background.
  • Arrangement is a new work by choreographer Joe Moran for an international company of male dancers to be premiered in 2012.
  • Channeling Muybridge for this sequence of R and AM spining
  • This man, rose, bathed and he did climb up upon the sand dune, and he was thankful for the sun, the sea, the sky, and he did give thanks to his god.  And Gorm did shoot it with a long lens from afar, and it was all good.
  • Movement in Fashion
  • Tate Modern, London
60 Days of Photographing Movement
18 May – 16 July 2012 ›