• As a photographer, I try to get into the spirit of the dance and often this means finding an equivalent sense of motion with my framing and camera motion. I'm using a still camera very much like a tracking shot. It can be hit and miss, but I think this image neatly captures the charm of a body in motion.  http://www.siobhandavies.com/dance/creative-projects/creative-explorations.html
  • Beautiful demoiselles captured in flight over a stream at Woods Mill, Sussex.
  • A member of the London Pride Morris Men performs at the Prince Alfred on 16th May 2012.
  • Arrangement is a new work by choreographer Joe Moran for an international company of male dancers to be premiered in 2012.
  • I’ve included these images because they contain several elements I’m very interested in – visual repetition – how the hands echo and yet differ from each other in the photo above on the right, as well as the use of the edge of frame to play with what we see and don’t see – decentering our attention – as can be seen in the photo directly above.
  • The shadow of the tree fills the foreground and leads our eye to the small figure in the background.
  • trying to make cycling look interesting - tricky!
  • This was taken in the street in Havana, Cuba
  • The Princess Royal on her way to St. James's Palace.
  • Benji
  • Photographed by my daughter, Jasmine Ali in January 2012 at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan UK Kathak Student Showcase
  • One evening I walked from Waterloo Station up the Embankment to London Bridge, across the bridge, then weaved my way through the centre of London until I reached Leicester Square and Charing Cross. All the time photographing the movement of people through London in the early hours of the evening with the multitude of lights scattered around the city.
60 Days of Photographing Movement
18 May – 16 July 2012 ›