• Sally Renshaw
  • Long exposure to light can lead to strange reality.
  • Dancer: Nikki Mclusky
Photography: Graham Deeprose
  • Movement through the train window on my commute home from work.
  • Whirling Dervish at Claremont.
  • Choreographer: Jane Turner
A Whoopee Production
  • Aurelie Bauer and Dana Macpherson. Nomadic Dance Explorations
  • by Venetia
  • Mikel Aristegui, Elena Gianotti, Stéphane Hisler, Bernadette Iglich, Matthew Morris.(2011)
  • This was taken in the street in Havana, Cuba
  • Choreography Janine harrington 2012
  • One of the very first films I made was partly shot under water. Ever since then I’ve been fascinated with how water and light distorts and plays games with bodies and movement. These two images were taken when I was making Seven Ways South for Siobhan Davies Projects and were made using a disposable Fuji underwater camera. (And required me to swim under water to take them!)
  • Fighting for balance, for position. Saidai-ji Eyo, Okayama, Japan
  • Any form of movement, has it own signature or style associated with it,  This is French, he is doing a frontside grind with his style and methord. Shot on 35mm Film, Crawley
  • Beautiful demoiselles captured in flight over a stream at Woods Mill, Sussex.
  • Tsonga celebrates his Round Two win against Hewitt on Court 1 at Wimbledon Championships 2012
  • A man navigates through Oxford Circus on the morning of 2nd May 2012.
60 Days of Photographing Movement
18 May – 16 July 2012 ›