• Annabel Baldwin of Rambert Youth Dance Company, Photographed by Charley Packham
  • Perfect Line in Church
  • The Making Space Big Dance Commission 2012; Choreographed by Charlotte Spencer, Janine Harrington and Vanessa Cook
  • This man, rose, bathed and he did climb up upon the sand dune, and he was thankful for the sun, the sea, the sky, and he did give thanks to his god.  And Gorm did shoot it with a long lens from afar, and it was all good.
  • Whirling Dervish at Claremont.
  • Nomadic Dance Explorations. Carrowkeel.
  • Brendan Ward.
  • A rush to get to where you need to be.
  • Dance and Architecture project rehearsal.
  • Moving lamp shade during the Open House launch performance.
  • The (unison) stirring of the 500 biodynamic treatment. Creating a vortex in one direction and then the other direction with a bit of chaos in between energises the cow manure solution which is then sprayed on the vineyards. Paul says the one hour of stirring feels strangely meditative to do.
  • I’ve included these images because they contain several elements I’m very interested in – visual repetition – how the hands echo and yet differ from each other in the photo above on the right, as well as the use of the edge of frame to play with what we see and don’t see – decentering our attention – as can be seen in the photo directly above.
  • Rain didn't stop play.
  • The shadow of the tree fills the foreground and leads our eye to the small figure in the background.
  • We just came across this beautiful woods and stream quite by chance - I have since tried to find this place without any luck.  My boys spent hours happily throwing stones in the water.
  • Tim Casson doing The Dance WE Made at Trafalgar Square
60 Days of Photographing Movement
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