• A man wearing colourful pants passes an ice cream van after attending the Richard Nicoll catwalk show during London Collections: Men.
  • Dance artist and craft artist: Laila Diallo and Helen Carnac explore working togther as part of Siobhan Davies' Side By Side project
  • This white line is the remains of walking within in a labyrinth I built in Ireland at night. The camera was on long exposure and I was carrying a torch. The spiraling trace reveals the movement. (Tom Spencer, trace creator - Charlotte Spencer, County Kerry, Ireland 2008)
  • Choreographer: Jane Turner
A Whoopee Production
  • Pushing out through the surf for another ride
  • random movements in the sand
  • Movement through the train window on my commute home from work.
  • Morden Hall Park
  • The (unison) stirring of the 500 biodynamic treatment. Creating a vortex in one direction and then the other direction with a bit of chaos in between energises the cow manure solution which is then sprayed on the vineyards. Paul says the one hour of stirring feels strangely meditative to do.
  • Foot2ball
60 Days of Photographing Movement
18 May – 16 July 2012 ›