• What I saw out the window of the commuter train
  • This image captures how it feels to be at a music festival. The observers are as interesting as the Horseman.
  • This image is from rehearsals for ‘Mountain Dialogues’ that I made in 2010. Nick Eagland, took a series of pictures in rapid succession as Elena Giannotti was dancing. Put together we get a still version of a short animation.
  • The Princess Royal on her way to St. James's Palace.
  • random movements in the sand
  • Tim Casson doing The Dance WE Made at Trafalgar Square
  • Rain didn't stop play.
  • ‘Top rock’ movement.
  • The Making Space Big Dance Commission 2012; Choreographed by Charlotte Spencer, Janine Harrington and Vanessa Cook
  • This is one of the photo's from my experimental photographic dissertation piece. I explored  the accumulation of time, space and one's kinesphere. Using a slow shutter speed and LED lights i traced the dancers kinesphere and spacial pathways. 
This is a re-creation of Rudolf Labans A-Scale.
  • Any form of movement, has it own signature or style associated with it,  This is French, he is doing a frontside grind with his style and methord. Shot on 35mm Film, Crawley
  • Rehearsals for the Big Dance Microgrant award to Laura Aldridge, featuring children from Fircroft School, Tooting Bec.
  • One of the very first films I made was partly shot under water. Ever since then I’ve been fascinated with how water and light distorts and plays games with bodies and movement. These two images were taken when I was making Seven Ways South for Siobhan Davies Projects and were made using a disposable Fuji underwater camera. (And required me to swim under water to take them!)
  • Georgie dancing through a shop with Dave the Bear. Dave is given to a child in her class each weekend. Georgie was over-joyed when it was her turn and danced all weekend.
  • Collaborative project.
Costume design by Natalie Khoo
Make up by Jialing Li
Dancers Clélia Vuille (Laban Dance Theater)
  • An Olympic torchbearer passes through Marazion on 19th May 2012 as the torch begins its 70 day trek through the UK in the build up to the London 2012 games.
60 Days of Photographing Movement
18 May – 16 July 2012

Your Move Brief

This photoblog shows images that capture movement in our everyday lives.  We invite you to respond with your photographs of movement, which use the world around you as inspiration.  Think of this as broadly as possible and be creative with your selection.  The subject matter of your photographs could include leaves falling, reflections of water, people walking, moving vehicles or animals, as well as dance, theatre or sport.  Your photo must capture a movement however big or small, a moment in time before it moves on.

The title offers an insight into the photograph.  The caption describes your ideas about the movement in your image and should include details about the people or event you have photographed.  If your picture includes another persons’ work we encourage you to credit it clearly in the caption. 

The photoblog will not include still portraits, posed pictures or any photographs without movement as the subject matter. Your photos must not include any promotional material, logos, text or advertising.

This is an open photoblog and all the photographs that meet this brief will be made live.  You can submit a series of photos, though an edited selection of these may only be shown.  You will be notified if your photographs do not meet this brief and encouraged to submit other images.  Use the photographs on this site as inspiration and your pictures will continue to inspire others.