• Inspired by the beautifully haunting voice of Sinead O'Connor, 'Soul On Ice' is a Contemporary Caribbean dance piece, dedicated to Hilde Holger, the Viennese Contemporary Creative Dance Expressionist who with her soul and love of humanity broke the cold mysticism and misconception of dance, showing that dance is not an elitist form of expression, but for everyone changes lives. Choreographer: Carl Campbell. Photographer: Carl Campbell. Dancers: Nina Meghji, Anthony Wallace
  • ....And, as the elders resign themselves to life’s fate, the god of life empowered them to journey the path of youthful remembrance to find a new strength of purpose. Choreographer: Carl Campbell. Photographer: Kathy O’Brien. Dancers: Joyce Brown, Carl Campbell (the god) Jean Meghji, Joe Raiment, Rose Fowler (Members of the Carl Campbell Recycled Teenagers Dance Theatre)
  • A contemporary Caribbean dance showing the strength and power of women through their struggle for equality. Choreographer: Carl Campbell. Photographer: Phillip Polglaze. Dancers: Deborah Biddulph and Fatimo Shabakin
  • Carl Campbell in rehearsal at the Victoria Hall Theatre, Stoke-On-Trent. ‘The dancer danced and having danced move on’ Dedicated to Gregory Hines. Choreographer: Carl Campbell. Photographer: Clive Jones.
  • A contemporary Caribbean dance reflecting the power of the elements. Choreographer: Carl Campbell. Photographer: Phillip Polglaze. Dancers: Students of Southwark College.
60 Days of Photographing Movement
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