• I love the metaphor that ripples in water offers me about the possibility for radical change, paradigm shifts. A raindrop falls into a large lake – the water it touches ripples out to the next spaces of water and the next and the next until that ever expanding ripple is absorbed into and has contributed to the whole. Likewise a new thought, experience, movement can be shared and ripple outwards. This new idea will change the people who engaged with it directly. In turn it will change their interactions with other people that they meet and touch and so on and so on, and this is how the world moves and changes. (Charlotte Spencer, near Oban, Scotland 2009)
  • Taken from a fast moving train at dawn, the horizontal lines are striking. Although it is somehow unclear what the image is of, I feel a sense of the speed. (Alex Moran, Newcastle to Scotland 2007)
  • The sea drawing lines in the sand each time it washed up, adding to and erasing previous lines. (Alex Moran, Menorca 2008)
  • This is a landmark image of living in Brighton. Through the winter every night at dusk the starlings gather in their thousands around the pier and have a party! The patterns and shapes they make is an intricate, complex and immaculate choreography that could never be reproduced. (Alamy, 2010)
  • Tree shaped by coastal winds (Brighton). Even on the most still days these trees reveal that the wind here can be intensely strong. (Charlotte Spencer, Brighton, 2012)
  • This white line is the remains of walking within in a labyrinth I built in Ireland at night. The camera was on long exposure and I was carrying a torch. The spiraling trace reveals the movement. (Tom Spencer, trace creator - Charlotte Spencer, County Kerry, Ireland 2008)
  • Embodied Drawing is an on-going project with artist, Kimbal Bumstead that brings together movement and drawing. The marks on the paper and the clothes are all that remains of the dances that have happened. They are the trace of the movement. (Kimbal Bumstead, dancer: Charlotte Spencer,
London 2011)
  • I love desire lines because they are the trace of all the movement that has come before. They emerge over many days and months and years as people decide that they desire to go that way. Gradually a path appears. (Charlotte Spencer, Brighton, 2012)
  • This image is from rehearsals for ‘Mountain Dialogues’ that I made in 2010. Nick Eagland, took a series of pictures in rapid succession as Elena Giannotti was dancing. Put together we get a still version of a short animation.
60 Days of Photographing Movement
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