• My youngest son just loves to swing!
  • Using a stretchy fabric, this shows a pain to be freed from entrapment, and of course inspired by Martha Grahams famous Lamentation.
  • Tate Modern, London
  • As a photographer, I try to get into the spirit of the dance and often this means finding an equivalent sense of motion with my framing and camera motion. I'm using a still camera very much like a tracking shot. It can be hit and miss, but I think this image neatly captures the charm of a body in motion.  http://www.siobhandavies.com/dance/creative-projects/creative-explorations.html
  • Runner #29579 approaches the 25 mile point of the London Marathon on 23rd April 2012.
  • The Making Space Big Dance Commission 2012; Choreographed by Charlotte Spencer, Janine Harrington and Vanessa Cook
  • Nomadic Dance Explorations. Carrowkeel.
  •  I love this image of Candoco Dance Company's Vicky Malin performing This Is It, the solo I made for her as part of the company's 20th anniversary season. She is a rock star.... literally. The work toys playfully with our expectations of a solo contemporary dance performer and features Vicky singing (live!) her very own, specially-written, uplifting euro pop single, available now on iTunes (search for Vicky Malin, This Is It). You can find out more about the work here: http://www.candoco.co.uk/videos/insight-matthias-sperling-this-is-it/. Photo by  Tom Palliser/Candoco.
  • This is a publicity still I took for a performance called Like That, Like This by Berlin based choreographer, Litó  Walkey. 
Litó needed to create an image whilst still in the middle of making the performance and so we decided to try and find an image which indirectly referenced the piece. We went to the lake close to the rehearsal studios in Pottsdam and tried various approaches to setting up a photograph which involved movement - but none felt quite right. Something about Litó  and Carlos in the landscape wasn’t working. All of a sudden the sun began to dip in the sky and created this beautiful low-angled light. Litó  turned around to look at Carlos and I had the feeling this might be an interesting image. As it was shot on a 35mm stills camera, I had to wait for the image to be processed to know whether I was right! I’m drawn to the soft alertness in their bodies – it’s both relaxed and yet expressive and the idea of looking – both the performers’ and ours –turned out to be integral to the piece.
  • Pushing out through the surf for another ride
  • the joy of 2 dancers who are so graceful whilst improvising together unaware of the beautiful shapes they are creating
  • Traces was a community dance performance project involving 80 dancers, inspired by the traces people and the environment leave in woodlands.  It was presented at Alice Holt Forest in Farnham, Surrey.

Photography by Miles Harfield
  • Perfect Line in Church
  • A man navigates through Oxford Circus on the morning of 2nd May 2012.
60 Days of Photographing Movement
18 May – 16 July 2012

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